Reliable, High-Speed Transport of Your Content Anywhere to Anywhere

Today’s media & entertainment ecosystem demands low latency, high speed network connections. As a key enabler of the ecosystem, Hibernia Networks facilitates live broadcasts of events around the world utilizing state-of-the-art ultra high definition (UHD) image quality for studio to studio production and program distribution of digital content. We connect the world’s entertainment and gaming centers, moving content across the globe over an advanced fiber-optic network coupled with state-of-the-art of encoding technologies.

Transporting more than 420,000 hours of live content per month, Hibernia Networks offers deep expertise in Content Services, providing a full suite of broadcast-quality managed video services, anywhere to anywhere, as well as CDN services enabling live streaming and video on demand applications.

Solution Attributes

  • 100% QoS infrastructure for low latency, low jitter and high resolution delivery
  • Supports all forms of signal management for today’s media workflows
  • Cost effective, high performance turn-key solutions
  • Robust feature set for video on demand and live streaming
  • Advanced rules engine and full IPv6 support

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Video Services

A suite of fully managed video solutions providing 100% QoS infrastructure over a low latency, fiber optic network for high resolution delivery.

CDN Services

Hibernia Networks CDN Services provide a high performance turn-key solution.

Solution Case Study: Leveraging an Advanced Fiber Optic Network for Broadcast Quality Video

Read how ATP Media, a leading broadcaster of major tennis tournaments worldwide, utilizes Hibernia Networks fiber optic base video transport platform to deliver broadcast-quality video to its rightsholders.