Today’s global capital markets are characterized by split-second financial transactions. Network latency is a critical factor impacting pricing efficiencies and profitability. Larry Tabb, CEO, The Tabb Group


Purpose-Built High Performance Network Solutions

Today’s global financial markets ecosystem is reliant on network connectivity between the world’s financial exchanges and trading platforms, driven by split-second transactions and the requirement for real-time access to market information. Hibernia Networks is at the core of the ecosystem, offering Low Latency Services that provide fast connectivity for financial exchanges, global banks, trading houses, market data providers and other players. Hibernia Networks enables market participants to access financial market information more efficiently for optimal execution of financial trades, directly impacting profitability.

Solution Attributes

  • State-of-the-art network technologies optimized for predictable, low latency performance
  • Shortest path connectivity and lowest available latency to the world’s financial centers
  • Highly scalable solutions with bandwidth options up to 100G
  • Real-time access to major financial exchanges in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Route diversity for best-in-class redundancy and resiliency
  • Fastest transatlantic cable connection on Hibernia Express
  • Service turn-up within 5 days on select routes and services

Low Latency Connections for the
World’s Capital Markets


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Low Latency Service

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