Unleash the Power of Hibernia Networks’
Global Content Delivery Services

Hibernia Networks CDN Services provide a high performance turn-key solution, while retaining the ease-of-use and direct control that today’s market demands. We’ve created a winning combination based on a custom-built software solution, our global fiber infrastructure, and our IP backbone to maximize the performance and availability of your content.


Game & Software Distribution

Game & software releases require the ability to handle traffic spikes as well as the ability to make quick configuration changes and perform instant purges to ensure correct versioning & data integrity.

Hibernia Networks CDN Services deliver reliable, high speed releases, updates and continuous downloads, while handling instant changes & purges through our CDN Management Portal & API.

Live Streaming & VOD

Live streaming applications require a reliable, highly scalable, low latency infrastructure to deliver a compelling online video experience on any device.

Hibernia Networks’ low latency platform ensures quality of experience by reducing start-times and providing higher quality & reliability of video ingest.

We support a variety of formats to accommodate any device including RTMP, HLS, MpegDASH, MSS, and many others for both VOD and Live Streaming.


Industry research has shown that faster loading of display ads and pre/mid-roll videos greatly improves their effectiveness.

Hibernia Networks CDN Services platform handles massive volumes of ad-impressions with ease, with 99%+ cache-hit ratios and abundant bandwidth to maximize your advertising returns.

Achieve better results from your advertising campaigns by accelerating your image & video assets with Hibernia Networks CDN Services.

Management Portal

Through our CDN portal you are in complete control of your content delivery. You decide what content to deliver, which settings and filters & content security should be applied or files to be purged…all instantly at the push of a button!

Our detailed statistics tell you exactly what’s happening with each of your sites, providing you valuable insights into your customers’ behavior.

Service Highlights


Whether you’d like to script some behavior, automate processes or create a deep integration with your existing architecture, our RESTFul API allows you to do so easily.

By exposing all the controls the management portal offers and providing access to usage statistics on all levels as well as access to RAW Log files, you’ll be able to create and automate workflows that make life easier (and faster).

Advanced Rules Engine

Take your content delivery one step further by tailoring it to specific content requirements. Our Advanced Rules Engine can assign special behavior to specific scenarios and content types to fit even the most complex requirements.

A large variety of operators can be used to create custom, multi-layer rules for each individual site / live zone.

True Instant Purging

Ensuring your content is up-to-date is crucial in ensuring your users receive the correct file-version. Instantly invalidate expired (or faulty) releases and have them updated in our cache automatically and immediately.

Don’t settle for processing times, leaving unwanted content to remain available while you wait… The true instant purge is here.

Service Features

Network & Security

  • HTTP/2 support
  • Integrated Origin Shield
    • Maximize Origin-offload
    • Lower impact of re-cache
  • Custom CNAME support
  • SSL Traffic Included
    • Custom SSL for CNAMEs
    • Shared SSL available
  • Private Anycast IP Backbone
  • Full IPv6 support

Flexible & Customizable

  • Advanced Rules Engine
  • RAW HTTP Logs available
  • All controls & stats available through RESTful API


  • White Label resale available

Object Delivery & VOD

  • Geo-blocking
  • Hotlink Protection
  • GZip (resend origin, or compress edge)
  • Headers (add/remove/rewrite)
  • Instant File-Purging
  • Origin Pull
  • Video Pseudo Streaming

Live Streaming

    • Low Latency specialized
    • Ingest points at every pop
    • True Instant-failover on ingest & playout with 0 additional config.
  • HTTP Streaming Support:
    • HLS / HDS
    • Smooth Streaming
  • RTMP Transmuxing to:
    • HLS
    • MpegDASH