Hibernia Express One Year Anniversary!

Providing Customers With Unmatched Latency Performance

Hibernia Express is a new low-latency, high-capacity subsea transatlantic cable that connects North America and Europe through landing points in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Brean, England and Cork, Ireland. Hibernia Express is the first new generation transatlantic cable system deployed in more than 12 years, providing fast, secure and resilient network connectivity solutions. Hibernia Express sets a new industry standard in low latency, high capacity services – with complete route diversity - connecting the major financial and commercial centers in North America and Europe.


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Hibernia Express featured in National Geographic June 2015. Volume 227. No. 6. Click map to enlarge.


  • Engineered to follow the earth’s curvature for a more direct route

  • Offers the lowest latency between major financial centers in North America and Europe

  • Provides complete route diversity and scalable capacity
“Network latency has become a critical performance factor for financial firms, content providers, and web-based companies among other industries reliant on latency-sensitive applications to run their businesses. Hibernia Networks has designed the new Hibernia Express transatlantic cable to provide the lowest latency service between major financial and commercial centers in North America and Europe utilizing a more direct route and the latest generation optical technologies.” 

Alan Mauldin • Research Director • TeleGeography

Hibernia Express is optimized for speed and latency performance. The ultra-low latency fiber pair on the cable system is designed with Corning EX2000 pure silica core fiber to achieve the sub-60ms transatlantic latency. Hibernia Express utilizes the most advanced DWDM technology, enabling 100Gbps service with 200Gbps service available on the Dublin to London route. The system is potentially upgradable to 400Gbps and beyond, offering a future-proofed optical transport solution.
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In today’s financial trading environment, network latency directly impacts profitability. Executing financial transactions across the fastest network assures competitiveness and that a firm’s trading operations are not being disadvantaged. We offer a tiered structure of high speed network connectivity solutions which vary in latency depending on your requirements. Our ultra low latency service is the fastest service capable of sub-60ms latency on the New York to London route. Our low latency services are provided with committed latency guarantees.
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Instant access to content on any devise from anywhere in the world is the user experience expected in today’s world. No longer are the carriers the primary consumers of submarine capacity. Instead the bold web-centric providers have moved into the top positions, driven by the large capacity requirements of cloud applications and data center connectivity Hibernia Express has been engineered with nearly three times the capacity of any transatlantic cable system deployed previously. Capacity offered on Hibernia Express is scalable up to 400Gbps and beyond, enabling large consumers of bandwidth to scale up to meet their increasing bandwidth requirements.
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In the digital age, telecom network infrastructure has become more critical as the key enabler in the growth of internet of things (IoT), mobility, cloud, and content-rich applications. The transition to digital platforms and IP networking is the key driver of the telecom carrier transformation. Investment in advanced fiber-optic networking and high-speed connectivity is a critical requirement to keep pace with the growth in bandwidth-intensive applications as network performance increasingly impacts business competitiveness in the digital economy. In this market scenario, there will be an increasing requirement for scalable and agile networks as carriers adapt their operating model to better serve customers.
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